Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is auto tagging service?

Auto Tagging Service is done by running a program that will do all the tagging automatically to all the popular blog shops that I have.

Instead of going to advertise your URL and promotion onto other blogs manually, my program will do the entire job for you. Hence, it can save you a lot of time.

Why do we need to advertise?

It has been proven that advertising will increase your URL traffic and attract more customers to visit your website.

Why choose Tag A Board - Auto Tagging Service?

Tag A Board has features like:
  • Tag up to 6000+ unique popular blog shops URL
  • Tag up to max of 600 characters which bypass the limit of 200 for Cbox
  • Support Unicode Symbols (♥✔☆★♂♀☎☐☑☒☓➀❿) etc.
  • Frequent update of new blog shops URL and remove invalid link
  • Custom CBox Testing Corner (up to 600 characters)
Are there any rules to abide?

Well, I guess the etiquette for most of the blog shops is to have at least 1 advertisement tagboard for people to tag. Also, try not to spam their tagboard.

What is the difference between Monthly or Lifetime Self Tagging packages?

Monthly or Lifetime Self Tagging packages require user to download a software into their PC and do the tagging themselves. They can use this software to tag at their own time and do schedule tagging. In addition, it also come with preview message function (600 characters support), auto repeat tagging and auto shutdown upon completion feature.

Lifetime Self Tagging packages have no expiry date and user is entitled with a free software to add in more URLs.

What is the system requirement to run the tagging software?

Your PC must be running Windows Operating System e.g. Windows XP/Vista/7/8. It DOES NOT support other Operating System such as MAC OS and Linux.

Can I add in more URL into the system?

Customer who purchased Lifetime Self Tagging Packages will be given software to add in more URLs.

What is the process to purchase a tagging package?
  1. Select the package you want to purchase
  2. Email or use the contact form on the left (Select Payment for Type)
  3. You will receive a standard reply format and a POSB Saving account number to transfer the payment
  4. Transfer the money and reply back the required information
  5. When payment is received from our side, we will process and send you the download link for the software
  6. Once tagging is expired, you will receive notification
How can I ensure that whether our site traffic increase?

You can actually trace by adding a hit counter or a site meter to track the number of visitors who visit your blog shop. You will see your site traffic boost up and your tagboard will start to have a lot of people tagging back during the tagging session.

Do you provide report for URLs?


Is there a place for me to format/test my message?

Yes, I have created a Custom CBox Testing tagboard which supports up to 600 characters. Only Tag A Board customers are entitled to have the key to access to the link below.
CBox Testing Corner

Why I can't copy all the codes from Cbox Testing Corner to others Cbox as it does not display all the characters?

Do not worry, my Cbox Testing Corner is a customisable Cbox which allows max of 600 characters which normal Cbox can only support 200 characters.

Your max 600 characters message will be able to display to all Cbox(if they never changed their Cbox default maxlength settings) using my Auto Tagging System.

How many characters can your system supports for Cbox message?

600 normal characters.

What are the ideal ways to handle your blog shop tagboards?

I wouldn't recommend blog shops owner to strong ban IP address as it will cause great inconvenience to other innocent users. The reason is that most of the IP address is based on ISP transparent proxy whereby the same ISP user will get back the same range once they are connected to the internet.

I would recommend you to have 1 Cbox for advertisement.

How to contact you if my question is not listed here?

You can email me @ or use the contact form on the left.